Chief Visionary Officer

Brent Dyson is the visionary and founder behind Urban Upcoming Athletes Television, or UUATV. The focus of UUATV is to bring national attention to top high school athletes, as well as to establish a level of professionalism among athletes which will transcend the playing field.

Dyson grew up in the small town of Autaugaville, Alabama. In high school he excelled in football, basketball, and baseball. After achieving All-State recognition in basketball and baseball, he enrolled at Huntingdon College. After leaving Huntingdon, Dyson noticed a tremendous amount of effort was expended to make him a better ball player, but the same effort was not made in ensuring success in the professional world.

Dyson felt coaches and sports programs focused too intensely on athletic skills, and only moderately on those skills which are essential once the playing days of the athlete are over. Resume development, job interviewing, networking and dressing professionally are rarely emphasized.

UUATV will provide a vehicle for high school athletes to be recognized nationwide. Further, the show will stress the importance of making oneself marketable after his or her playing career is complete. UUATV highlights the student-athlete as a whole, not solely as an athlete.

Dyson is an accomplished businessman. He has over 20 years of experience working in corporate environments, motivational speaking, is the owner of a health and wellness business, and has three books published on optimal fitness.

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